I am Shavon Carter, the “YOU” Relationship Coach and founder of Walking In Wholeness, LLC. I’m here to support you in getting the relationship results you desire, starting with YOU! My purpose is to help:

  • YOU Love: Through group coaching and workshops, you will increase your capacity to practice self-love, self-awareness, self acceptance, and self care.
  • YOU Voice: Through group coaching and workshops, you will connect with the different parts of you and create space to let your voice be heard.
  • YOU Relate: Through group coaching, relationship coaching, and workshops you will learn to build healthy relationships with others.

Walking In Wholeness, LLC was birthed out of my own personal pain of unhealthy relationship experiences. After being involved in a series of painful relationships and a failed marriage in 2013, I decided to begin the journey of discovering the person I had been neglecting for the majority of my life…Me.  I started going to a Christian counselor and relying on my personal relationship with God for healing and learning how to accept and love all of me. The beautiful and amazing treasures I began to discover about myself ignited a passionate desire to help other women experience just how awesome they really are also. Interested in learning more? Feel free to contact me at scarter@walkinginwholenessllc.com.


“What can I say about coaching sessions with Shavon Carter, The You Coach?  First, it is very clear and apparent to me that this is what Ms. Carter is called to do. There are people who want to do something and may be good at it, and then there are people who are called to do something, want to do it, and are the best at it. Its something you cannot fake. Its that magical place where passion, purpose and talent all come together. Coaching sessions with Ms. Carter have quite literally changed my life. In what way you may ask. Firstly, the focus is on the client and digging deep to get to the root of whatever issue is presented. As it is said, healthy relationships start with you, the client. Getting to the root causes of my personal beliefs, actions, habits, etc., peeling back the layers & dissecting certain areas of my past initiate the healing process and, from there, the changing process. Secondly, this is all done in an objective & non-judgmental manner. Coaching with The You Coach is a safe environment. It is also a welcoming environment. The tools, techniques, and exercises are something to look forward to and get excited about. Thirdly, with Ms. Carter you explore what is already beautiful and unique about you and while you tare down the negative you simultaneously build up the positive. It’s an amazing experience. My advice is, if you aren’t ready to really to be on a journey of being your best self then steer clear of The You Coach.” – A.B.

“Initially, both my now husband and I were very nervous and didn’t know what to expect. After our first counseling session that all went out the door! Shavon provided a safe space in which we felt completely comfortable. Every week, we looked forward to our homework as it was our personal time with each other and God. Through these exercises and bible study sessions, we experienced a new level of intimacy that we’ll forever be grateful for. Never one to judge, Shavon challenged us to be honest with each other and most importantly with ourselves. Instead of “solving our problems” she helped shift our perspective; ultimately giving us a new way to see our problems. We use the tools we learned everyday and in this short amount of time we’ve noticed changes in our relationships. Shavon has a passion for this; pair that with her deep love for God…you can’t help but to fall in love with her. Upon our completion of the 6-week program we were so sad it was over. Needless to say , now that we are married we will continue to touch base with her. She was such a blessing.” – A.C.