What’s The Truth?

Have you ever sat back and thought about the wrongs that someone did to you and started to feel the pain from the offense? If so, I know exactly how you feel because this morning I had one of those moments. Something triggered me to think about the wrongs my soon to be ex-husband did to me. Thinking about what he did made me feel hurt and worthless. Not wanting to deny or suppress my feelings, I gave myself permission to have a moment and sit in the pain. As I allowed myself to experience and release what I felt, I heard the words, “Yes it hurts, but you have to operate in the truth.” Then I started writing out what the truth is: The truth is, he is broken and doesn’t have the capacity to give me what I need. The truth is I am valuable beyond measure and so deserving of much more. The truth is God defines my worth. God says I am precious, honorable, and worth dying for. The truth is I am so valuable that He gave up His only son for me. He wanted me just that much. The truth is I am so important to God that He promised to be with me forever. That’s how much I mean to Him. I am the most precious thing on this earth. When I finally believe and embrace that, I will be a force to be reckoned with. That’s my truth.

What’s your truth?

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