Look at the opportunities

I’m reading T.D. Jakes book called Instinct and it’s really been ministering to my soul. I’m in chapter 15 and these words just stood out to me, “I see people wasting potential every day because they lack the determined drive to develop their opportunities.” Opportunity….that’s the word that leaped off the page and spoke to me. This current season of going through a divorce and spending time with myself is a great opportunity for me! How? Well, I get to examine myself and discover the mistakes I made that led to a failed marriage. I get to learn more about myself and discover who I really am. I get to spend time with my friends and come and go as I please. I get to travel and do things that I love. I get to learn why I ended up in unhealthy relationships in the past so I don’t make those mistakes again. I get time to become a better woman. I get time to discover and walk in my purpose. I get uninterrupted quality time with God. I could go on and on, because this season of my life is filled with opportunities. I just needed to shift my perspective and see it that way. I can see my life as a lonely, painful, and terrible space to be in, or I can see it as a fountain of opportunities for me to learn, grow, and live. I choose the latter.

What about you? Do you see your life as a glass half empty or half full? You can choose to focus on all that’s going wrong or the wonderful things that’s going right. Don’t waste your time focusing on the negative. Tap into the determined drive within you and develop your life opportunities. After all, you only get one life to live.

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