The Art of Conversation

What happened to the art of conversation? Why are we so in a rush to get somewhere with our words? What happened to playful banter, mentally stimulating dialogue, and creative approaches to getting to know one another? How did we get stuck on the surface level, settling for connections void of depth and true meaning? Perhaps it’s because somewhere along the way we got comfortable with not requiring it. We resolved that hiding our true selves, clinging to familiar ways of relating, or going with the status quo was just how it was supposed to be. We rationalized that our soul’s desire for deeper connection and intimacy was unrealistic. But at the core of our being, there was a cry for something more.

My soul is crying out for that something more so I’m starting with me. Exploring the inner parts of me without judgment to heal and liberate what’s been hidden and unlock the true essence of me. Having those deep conversations with self that invoke a greater level of understanding and awareness of who I am and was created to be. If I want a deeper experience of relating to others, I can start with enriching the experiences I have with myself. There is depth and range to me and I desire to explore every part. As my friend Shi Hutchinson said in a recent conversation, we can create the type of experience we have with others when we practice it with ourselves. We can be vulnerable, transparent and honest in conversations with others when we’ve gone there with ourselves.

So the moral of this story is, we can get get back to the heart of having meaningful conversations with others when we’re willing to go there with ourselves. If you’re looking for a deeper connection, start with you then go out and practice it in the world.

~Shavon Carter, The YOU Relationship Coach

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