Group Coaching

I facilitate transparent and real discussions with 10 – 20 women to talk about topics relating to your value and worth. During these discussions we will unlock how you really feel about yourself and engage in transformational exercises to help shift your internal perspective.

Relationship Coaching

Are you engaged and want to gain tools to equip you for marriage? I offer a 6-session relationship coaching program for couples to help prepare you for life after the wedding. During these sessions we will discuss your purpose for marriage, roles and expectations, communication, finances, intimacy, and children. Let me help you develop a healthy foundation for your marriage!


Looking for a speaker to facilitate a workshop about Healthy Relationship topics at your next event? Then I’m your woman! I am available to speak at church events, women’s organizations, corporations, agencies, etc. Here are just a few of the many workshops that I’ve developed and would love to share at your next event:

Self-Care After a Break-up

Whether you chose to end the relationship or it was your partner’s choice…Break-ups hurt. What do you do when it’s over? How do you cope? How do you trust again? This workshop is a REAL discussion about caring for YOU after a break-up.

The YOU 101 Masterclass

In order to be our best selves and genuinely love others, it’s important for us to be in tune with who we are. Sometimes we expect others to figure us out when we haven’t even taken the time to get to know ourselves. Join us for this dynamic 5-hour class as we take a deep dive into ourselves to experience more love, acceptance, and peace within.

Relationship Renovation

A transformational workshop to help you open your heart to love again. You will look at your current view of relationships, explore relationship patterns, look at unresolved issues, gain tools to unleash more of your feminine energy, and so much more!

Am I Nothing Without A Man? 

A powerful workshop about emotional wholeness where we define emotional dependence on a man; identify characteristics of an emotionally dependent woman; identify the origin of emotional dependence; and identify keys to emotional wholeness.

“Oh No He Didn’t!!!”

A powerful workshop for single women interested in working through past relationship hurts to create space in their hearts for loving again. During this workshop Shavon Carter will share her personal testimony of pain and facilitate a transparent, thought provoking discussion around the statement, “Oh No He Didn’t!!!!” and provide tools to help move forward.


A life-changing workshop that teaches women about the importance of digging up the roots of our issues, weaknesses, and struggles to experience the abundant life they truly desire.

Can Women Get Along?

A powerful workshop about the myths that women buy into that prevents sisterly bonds from being formed. During this workshop we will discuss the different views of friendship with women; what gets in the way of relationships with women; and how to move to a healthier perspective of friendships with women.

What’s Your Story?

Just like the stories that play out in a movie or book, many women have stories playing in our minds that negatively impact our lives. These disempowering stories about who we are and how others see us show up at work, home, school, etc. This powerful workshop will uncover those stories and dismantle the false beliefs to create healthier, more empowering story.

If you’re interested in any of these services, email today!